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Mastermelt is an innovative process designed to efficiently produce cast iron while generating substantial cost savings per year, in addition to numerous other operational advantages for your foundry.

Deoxidize Molten Iron with Mastermelt DEOX

  • Works in Electric Furnaces and Cupolas
  • Small amount of DEOX completely stops oxidation
  • Stops both silicon and carbon oxidation losses
  • Technology-based SiC blend developed in a safe, unique formulation
Electric Furnaces
  • Add small amounts of DEOX with EF charge
  • Stops oxidation losses – saves both carbon and silicon
  • Cleaner metal, higher fluidity, stronger, higher elongation
  • Stabilize melt chemistry
  • Eliminate chemistry decline over hold periods
  • Stop EF sidewall buildups
  • Stop inlet and outlet plugging
  • Stop inductor loop plugging
  • Significant savings: 25# DEOX added to 20,000# furnace saved 50# carbon and 70# SiC per charge!
Cupola Melting
  • Inject small amount DEOX into tuyeres
  • Stop silicon oxidation loss
  • Stop carbon oxidation loss
  • Gain 0.40% C to 0.90% C which is the previously unknown carbon oxidation loss
  • Save coke
  • Maintain tap-out chemistry for entire melt campaign
  • Stabilize metal chemistry and eliminate chemistry swings
  • Cleaner metal, higher fluidity, higher strength
  • Stop refractory wear — little, if any, taphole erosion; no slag buildups; no cupola front “box” wear
  • Reduce metal cost — BIG savings begin the moment DEOX is injected!

Try Mastermelt DEOX and see results within hours!

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